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Helping others is such an act of kindness that is becoming rare in this world. As we’re going through the difficult situation of COVID-19, we should try to help others as much as we can. Give your loved one’s happiness by sending gifts of Jazz Give-A-Bundle to them. So, try to find your happiness by sending gifts to others with the Jazz!!!

Details and Information about the bundle:

This Jazz Give-A-Bundle Offer is valid for 3 days. This Jazz Internet 4g package costs only RS. 30/= (including taxes). After subscription, you’ll be able to gift 1 GB of internet data and 100 Jazz Minutes to your dear ones. You’re getting a huge pack of data and Jazz Minutes in the only RS.30/= by subscribing to this Jazz Give-A-Bundle Offer.

How to Subscribe?

Jazz has brought Jazz Give-A-Bundle Offer which includes 1 GB of internet data and 100 Jazz Minutes with the validity for 3 days. You just need to dial its subscription code (*919#) to get a big bunch of internet MBs and Jazz Minutes as a gift for your loved ones in just RS. 30/= (Inc. taxes).

Do you want to know about the fantastic Jazz offer?

The Jazz Welcome Back offer is one of best offers by the Jazz by which you can get many internet GBs by dialing its’ subscription code.

Key Features of the Bundle

Package NameSubscription FeesValid Date
Jazz Give-A-BundleRs. 30 (Incl.Tax)3 Days
Internet MBsJazz MinutesText SMS
1 GB100
Subscription CodeUn-Subscription CodeStatus Code
Other MintsRecharge RequiredMore Package
Dial *444#

To get the Jazz Give-A-Bundle Offer, dial the subscription code (*919#) directly from the phonebook. In case of any difficulty, you can go for Jazz Helpline 111, go to the Jazz Franchise or take help from its official website too.

Summarized Details:

  • You will be able to gift 1 GB of internet data and 100 Jazz Minutes.
  • This bundle is only valid for 3 days.
  • The price of this Jazz Give-A-Bundle Offer is RS. 30/= (Inc. Taxes).
  • You can avail of this jazz 3-day internet packages by dialing the subscription code of (*919#) from the phonebook.
  • To check the details, dial the status code (*898*2#).

Terms & Conditions:

  • The receiver will get 1 GB of internet data and 100 Jazz Minutes on successful transactions.
  • This offer is only applicable to a prepaid number’s sender.
  • The sender cannot gift this Jazz Bundle to a Postpaid Number Receiver.
  • The sender cannot gift this Jazz Bundle to themselves.
  • Multiple times of gifting to the same number are allowed.
  • Unlimited gifting transactions in a day are allowed.
  • Multiple subscriptions are allowed in which previous incentives will be added and a new validity date will be applicable.
  • There are no call setup charges on Jazz Minutes will be applicable.

Do you want to enjoy 100 GBs/month?

Subscribe to the Jazz 6 month bundle 4g device and enjoy the fastest data of 100 GBs/ month till six months.


This article is only for general information in which we’ve provided the details of the Jazz Give-A-Bundle Offer. All the tax information and price included in this article are given according to the present time. Jazz brings new updates from time-to-time due to which tax and price information given in our article might not be matched later.

To save yourself from any difficulty, you can go to your nearer Jazz Franchise or can contact the Jazz official website.

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