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Jazz Welcome Back offer

Jazz has brought another amazing offer for the reactivation customers who love to enjoy a big collection of data. So Reactivation customers; get ready to enjoy the Jazz Welcome Back offer as this offer is offering 20 GBs for seven days on recharge of RS.300/= and 50 GBs on recharge of RS.1000/= (Free 15 GBs from 6 AM TO 6 PM).

Details and Information about the bundle:

This Jazz Welcome Back offer’s incentives can be availed by the reactivation customers during 90 days in which previous incentives would be added in the new one and the new validity date would be applicable. The incentives include 20 GBs for seven days on recharge of RS.300/= and 50 GBs on recharge of RS.1000/= (Free 15 GBs from 6 AM TO 6 PM) and enjoy the fastest internet data by getting subscribed to this Jazz Welcome Back offer.

How to Subscribe?

You can subscribe to this Jazz Welcome Back offer for seven days that includes 20 GB of internet data on RS.300/= recharge or 30 days that includes 50 GBs of internet data on RS.1000/= recharge (Free 15 GBs from 6 AM TO 6 PM) by dialing its subscription code (*6363*4#).

Do you want to enjoy 100 GBs/month?

Subscribe to the Jazz 6 month bundle 4g device and enjoy the fastest data of 100 GBs/ month till six months.

Key Features of the Bundle

 20 GB / 7 DAYS RS 300
 50 GB / 30 DAYS RS 1000

Summarized Details:

  • The Jazz Welcome Back offer can be accessed by dialing (*6363*4#).
  • One can subscribe to the offers of Reactivations via (*6363*8#) as well as selecting offers.
  • You can dial the USSD code by getting logged to (Device portal) or using USSD Dialer Option.
  • The menu of (6363) is accessible from only Jazz Prepaid SIM & Device that are market as other contact numbers.
  • The threshold notifications of the usage of the offer will be received to MBB numbers and OCN (all OMOs).

Terms & Conditions:

  • The reactivation customers are accessible to avail the Jazz Welcome Back offer multiple times during 3 months or 90 days.
  • In the case of multiple subscriptions, previous incentives would be added in the new one and the new date of validity would be applied.
  • Only the Customers eligible for this offer will receive notifications to subscribe to this offer on MBB and OCN number.
  • The details of the Reactivation offer will be again shared on the 90 Day + 30th, 60th, and 80th

Eligible customers:

  • Only those customers can avail of this Jazz Welcome Back offer that hasn’t used their Dongle SIM from the past 3 months or more.
  • The eligibility of this offer can be known by dialing (*6363#) and by going to the 4th option, the Jazz Welcome Back offer subscription details will only be shown to the customers who are eligible for this offer.
  • The Jazz Welcome Back offer is only available for MBB SIM (SC62) customers and is not valid for DATA SIM (SC18) customers.
  • If Jazz Welcome Back offer is once ended and the one needs to avail of this offer as it will not be automatically re-subscribed.
  • On multiple subscriptions, bundle benefits will be added, valid for 30 days only.
  • Internet MBs can be consumed in 2G/3G/4G networks.

Are you waiting to enjoy a large amount of data for three months?

Check and subscribe to the Jazz 3-month bundle 4g device to enjoy 50 GBs of internet data/month till 3 months.


This article is only for general information in which we’ve provided the details of the Jazz Welcome Back offer. All the tax information and price included in this article are given according to the present time. jazz new internet packages bring new updates from time-to-time due to which tax and price information given in our article might not be matched later.

To save yourself from any difficulty, you can go to your nearer Jazz Franchise or can contact the Jazz official website.

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