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Jazz SMS Packages: Daily, Weekly & Monthly (Sep, 2023)

Greetings to the Jazz Community! with Jazz SMS Package Daily, Weekly & Monthly, The network has experienced remarkable growth, amassing a total of around 55 million users, solidifying its position as Pakistan’s largest telecommunications network. Jazz consistently provides its users with top-notch internet connectivity and impressive call packages. While the trend of SMS has waned due to the prevalence of platforms like WhatsApp and other social media tools, Jazz continues to offer a diverse range of SMS bundles and internet packages. In this article, we will delve into the various Jazz SMS Packages available, including daily, weekly, and monthly options. These packages are organized into three categories for your convenience.

Jazz Daily SMS Packages

Let’s commence with the Jazz daily SMS packages, tailored for those who prefer one-day packages that suit their needs. These packages come in three variants, each offering different benefits along with internet MBs for WhatsApp. Here’s a breakdown of the options:

Package NamePriceDataSMSMinutesValidityActivation Code
Daily SMS + WhatsApp BundleRs. 8 (incl tax)10MBs1800-1 DayDial *334#
Daily Day BundleRs. 17 (incl tax)20 MBs300300 Jazz Mins1 DayDial *340#
Punjab Daily OfferRs. 12 (incl tax)250 MBs1000Unlimited Jazz minsTill MidnightDial *6000#
Sindh Daily OfferRs. 12 (incl tax)250 MBs1500Unlimited jazz minsTill MidnightDial *522#
Karachi Daily offerRs. 13 (incl. tax)250 MBs1500Unlimited jazz minsTill MidnightDial *400#
KP Daily OfferRs 13 (incl tax)250 MB1500Unlimited Jazz minsTill MidnightDial *291#

One of the standout daily packages is the Daily SMS + WhatsApp Bundle, which offers 1800 SMS and 10 MBs of data for a 24-hour period. Priced at PKR 8 (excluding tax), you can subscribe to this bundle by dialing *334# and enjoy unlimited texting for the day.

Jazz Weekly SMS Packages

Moving on to the weekly SMS packages, Jazz caters to users with different preferences by offering a range of options that include on-net and off-net minutes, as well as internet data. Here’s a glance at these packages:

SMS Package NamePriceDataSMSMinutesValidityActivation Code
Weekly WhatsApp & SMS PackageRs. 26 (incl. tax)25MB Data1500-7 Days1011*07#
Weekly HybridRs. 140 (incl of Tax)1 GB data10001000 On-net mins, 30 Other Network Mins7 DaysDial *407#
Haftawaar All Rounder OfferRs. 120 (incl of Tax)1GB data10001000 On-net mins, 50 off-net mins7 DaysDial *747#
Weekly All Network OfferRs. 191 (incl. tax)3GBs10001000 On-net mins, 60 off-net mins7 DaysDial *700#

Weekly WhatsApp & SMS Package stands out, providing 1500 SMS and 25 MBs of data over seven days for a price of PKR 26. To subscribe, dial 1011*07#.

Jazz Monthly SMS Packages

Finally, we have the Jazz monthly SMS packages that offer a sense of relief, as they provide a month’s worth of benefits without requiring daily or weekly subscriptions. Here’s a glimpse at these packages:

Package NamePriceDataSMSMinutesValidityActivation Code
Monthly SocialRs. 1105GB Data (WhatsApp Facebook, BiC & IMO)12000-30 Days*661#
Monthly Hybrid BundleRs. 4892000MBs250010,000 On-net mins, 50 Other Network mins30 DaysDial *430#
Monthly Super DuperPKR 6367000MBs30003000 On-net mins, 150 off-net mins30 DaysDial *706#

The Monthly Social package stands out with 12000 SMS and 5 GBs of data for WhatsApp, Facebook, and IMO across thirty days, all for PKR 110. To subscribe, dial *661#.

In summary, Jazz has curated an array of SMS packages to cater to diverse user preferences, spanning daily, weekly, and monthly options. Whether you’re a frequent texter, a moderate user, or seeking comprehensive benefits, Jazz has you covered with these thoughtfully designed packages.

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