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Top 3 Cheap Jazz One Day Net PKG – Limited OFFER

Jazz has been the market leader in Pakistan’s telecom industry for several years. According to statistics, 73.43 Million Pakistanis were Jazz users at one point.

Jazz One Day Net Pkg has seen a massive increase in subscribers. The telecom company has made a variety of Jazz Daily Internet Packages, ranging anywhere between cheap and expensive.

In a nutshell, there are 3 One Day Jazz Net Pkg! Jazz should introduce more Daily Internet Packages because more than three packages are required. Being one of the most popular Telecom companies, Jazz should offer more flexibility and options for its customers.

Top 3 Jazz One Day Net PKG

As mentioned in the paragraph above, Jazz only offers three Jazz One Day Net Pkg. Read below to find out more:

  1. Jazz Daily Mega
  2. Jazz Daily Extreme
  3. Jazz Daily Browser

Jazz Daily Mega

Best Jazz 1 Day Internet Package

The Jazz Daly Mega is among the most popular Jazz 1 Day Net Pkg. It was launched in the new year. The Jazz Daily Internet Package offers 1 GB of high-speed internet for 24 hours.

The subscription code is easy to dial! Dial *117*4#. The price of this Jazz Net Pkg One Day is 35 Rupees. To check the remaining MBs, dial *117*4*2# within 24 hours.

However, note that internet speed depends on your location and the location of the cell tower.

Details Of Jazz Daily Mega

Bundle NameDaily Mega
Mbs1 GB
Validity24 Hours
Price35 Rupees

Jazz Daily Extreme

Best One Day Jazz Net Pkg

Jazz Daily Extreme is a highly liked Jazz 1 Day Internet Package. The Daily Internet package offers 2 GB Internet Data nonstop for 24 hours.

The daily internet package code for the bundle is *757#. Jazz Super 4G offers the Jazz Internet Package One Day for a cheap 18 rupee!

Details Of Jazz Daily Extreme

Bundle NameDaily Extreme
Mbs2 GB
Validity24 Hours
Price18 Rupees

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Jazz Daily Browser

Best Jazz One Day Net Pkg Code

Jazz Daily Browser Bundle offers 50 MB of Internet Data. It is one of the most liked Jazz Bundles in Jazz Internet Packages. It has a validity of 24 hours. The subscription code for Jazz One Day Net Pkg is *117*11#. It is priced at 15 Rupees.

Moreover, to check the status of Jazz Daily Browser Offer, dial *117*11*2#. For more details, please refer to the chart below.

Details Of Jazz Daily Browser

Bundle NameDaily Browser
Mbs50 MB
Validity24 Hours
Price15 Rupees
Best Jazz One Day Internet PKG

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Subscribe To Jazz One Day Internet Package?

The subscription code for Jazz One Day Net Pkg is easy to dial! Dial *117*4# for the 1 GB internet bundle, priced at 35 Rupees.

Another Jazz Daily Internet Package offers 2 GB of Data! It is priced at 18 Rupees! The subscription Code is ” *757# “.

Would The Jazz 1 Day Net Package Automatically Renew?

No, Jazz Daily Internet Packages do not automatically re-subscribe.

Our Thoughts On Jazz Daily Internet Packages

Our opinion on Jazz 1 Day Internet Packages is quite harsh! We are still determining why Jazz has not provided a wider variety of Daily Net Packages.

If Jazz wants to beat the competition, it must provide its customers with new and fresh bundles.

We hope you loved reading our post! Tell us in the comments about your experience with Jazz Daily Internet Bundles.

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