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Zong Internet Packages 4G – Daily, Weekly & Monthly (Sep, 2023)


Zong with more than 6 million active Internet customers, has reached a big achievement. They are dedicated to meeting customer needs and have expanded their network and services. Offering affordable and reliable connections with Zong 4G. To help you stay connected with your loved ones, Zong always introduces new and exciting Zong Internet Packages. It doesn’t matter if you are a prepaid or postpaid customer; there are plenty of 4G internet packages to choose from.

On this single page, you’ll find all the latest Zong Internet Packages and their subscription codes. You can pick from different options like hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly net packages. Staying connected with Zong’s various choices has never been easier.

ZONG Daily Internet Packages

NetworkPackage NameInternetVALIDITYPrice
Daily Basic100MB1 DayRs. 23
Daily Data Max500MB/500MB for YouTube1 DayRs. 49
2 Hour NonStop offer1 GB internet, unlimited zong minutes2 hoursRs 12
Daily Shandar Offer50 MBs of data, unlimited zong minutes, 800 SMS1 DayRs. 17 plus tax
Daily DTO1.5 GB of data (4am - 7pm)1 DayRs. 23
Daily GNO2.5 GBs of internetAll night longRs. 23
Daily Social Offer1.5 GB of social data1 DayRs. 23

Discover a range of exciting daily offers from Zong that cater to your data needs throughout the day! Let’s explore these unique packages:

  1. Daily Basic Offer:
    Stay connected with 100 MBs of data for a whole day. Enjoy this package at just PKR 17 plus tax.
  2. Daily Data Max Offer:
    Get a generous data allowance of 500 MBs for all your usage and an additional 500 MBs for YouTube, all for just PKR 38 plus tax. This offer will automatically expire after 24 hours.
  3. Zong Day Time Offer:
    One of the company’s most popular packages, this offer gives you 1.2 GBs of data at a pocket-friendly rate of PKR 16 plus. However, please note that this bundle can only be utilized between 4 am to 7 pm.
  4. Daily Youth Offer:
    A relatively new addition, the Daily Youth Offer provides 2.5 GBs of data for just PKR 16 plus tax. Stay connected between 1 am to 9 am with this fantastic package.
  5. Zong Daily Social Pack:
    Stay socially active with 100 MBs of data for the entire day at an affordable price of PKR 5 plus tax.
  6. Daily Classified Pack:
    Get 50 MBs of data to explore the latest news and updates for 24 hours.
  7. Facebook Offer:
    For the Facebook enthusiasts, this package offers 500 MBs of data specifically for Facebook usage at an economical cost of PKR 5 (consumer price).
  8. With such diverse and pocket-friendly options, Zong ensures you always have access to the internet and stay connected with your loved ones and the world around you.

ZONG Weekly Internet Packages

To subscribe to Zong’s fantastic weekly internet packages, simply choose your favorite package and activate it using one of these easy methods: dial *6464# on your phone, enter your number on the Zong website, or use the ‘My Zong app.’ These packages last for 1 week, providing you with continuous and smooth internet access.

Now, let’s explore the exciting weekly Zong internet packages:

  1. All in One Weekly Offer:
    This hybrid bundle includes 2.5 GBs of data, 1000 on-net minutes, 80 off-net minutes, and 1500 SMS, all valid for 7 days at a price of PKR 200. It’s a great all-in-one option.
  2. Weekly Mega Data Offer:
    For night owls, Zong presents the Weekly Mega Data Offer, providing a massive 100 GBs of data to be used between 1 am to 9 am, all for only PKR 100 (consumer price).
  3. Super Weekly Max Offer:
    For heavy internet users, Zong offers the Super Weekly Max, which provides a huge 15 GBs of data for all internet usage, along with an additional 15 GBs for YouTube. This amazing bundle is valid for one week and costs just PKR 300.
  4. Zong Super Weekly Plus Offer:
    Enjoy a generous data allowance of 7 GBs for a week, available for PKR 240. It’s perfect for those who need more data.
  5. Haftawar Load Offer:
    For complete connectivity, the Haftawar Load Offer offers 12 GBs of internet, 5000 on-net minutes, 80 off-net minutes, and 1500 SMS for 7 days, available at PKR 270. It’s perfect for those who need a comprehensive package.
  6. Weekly YouTube Offer:
    Get 8 GBs of data specially for YouTube usage at a super affordable price of PKR 135 (consumer price). To subscribe, simply dial *570#.
  7. Super Weekly Offer:
    This package offers 2.5 GBs of data for 7 days, and it costs only PKR 170. It’s a great option for staying within your budget.
  8. With such a diverse range of weekly internet packages, Zong ensures you stay connected without spending too much.
NetworkPackage NameInternet, Minutes, SMSVailidityPRICE
Super Weekly4 GB1 weekRs. 200
Super Weekly Plus8GB, 60 off-net mins, unlimited zong mins, unlimited SMS1 weekRs. 290
Super Weekly Max25 GB internet1 weekRs. 365
Weekly YouTube Offer8GB data for YouTube1 weekRs. 135
Weekly Mega Data Offer100GB (1AM to 9AM)1 weekRs. 110
Shandar Haftawar Offer500 zong mins, 40 off-net mins, 500 MB internet, 500 sms1 weekRs. 120
Haftawar Punjab Offer3 GB internet, 100 off-net mins, 1000 on-net mins, 1000 SMS1 weekRs. 160
All in One Weekly4 GB Internet, 5000 on-net minutes, 60 off-net minutes, 5000 sms1 weekRs. 220
Haftawar Load Offer12 GB internet, unlimited on-net, 100 off-net minutes, unlimited SMS1 weekRs. 340

ZONG Monthly Internet Packages

Explore the wide range of Zong’s monthly internet packages and find your favorite! To subscribe, just dial *6464# on your phone or enter your number on the Zong page. These packages are valid for 30 days, ensuring you stay connected all month long.

Let’s check out the exciting monthly Zong internet bundles:

  1. Monthly Mini Package: Get 150 MB data for 30 days at only PKR 50 plus tax.
  2. Monthly Basic Offer: Enjoy 500 MB of data for a whole month at PKR 150 plus tax.
  3. Now, let’s move on to the premium offers:
  4. Monthly Premium 15 GB Offer: Stay connected with 15 GB of data (5 GB available between 1 am to 9 am) for just PKR 499 (consumer price).
  5. Monthly Premium 40 GB Offer: For heavy data users, get 40 GB of data (20 GB available between 1 am to 9 am) at PKR 850 (consumer price).
  6. Next, we have the social bundle:
  7. Monthly WhatsApp Offer: Enjoy 5 GB of data exclusively for WhatsApp at PKR 60 (consumer price).
  8. Monthly Facebook Offer: Stay connected on Facebook with 6 GB of data for only PKR 100 (consumer price).
  9. Monthly WhatsApp Plus Offer: Get 4 GB of data for WhatsApp, along with 200 on-net minutes and 20 off-net minutes, all at PKR 80 (consumer price).
  10. Monthly Google Duo Offer: Stay connected on Google Duo with 2 GB of data, available at PKR 10 plus tax.
  11. Monthly IMO Offer: Enjoy 2 GB of data for IMO, priced at PKR 50 (consumer price).
  12. Moving on, we have the prepaid Internet Sim Addons:
  13. Prepaid Internet Sim Addons – 8 GB: Get 8 GB of data (4 GB available between 4 am – 4 pm) for only PKR 750 (consumer price).
  14. Prepaid Internet Sim Addons – 24 GB: Enjoy 24 GB of data (12 GB available between 4 am – 4 pm) at PKR 1200 (consumer price).
  15. Prepaid Internet Sim Addons – 60 GB: Get a generous 60 GB of data, all for PKR 2000 (consumer price).
  16. For those seeking even more data:
  17. MBB Exclusive Offer: Enjoy a whopping 150 GB of data at PKR 3500 (consumer price) for 30 days.
  18. Zong Super Card: This card offers 6 GB of data, 180 off-net minutes, 3000 on-net minutes, and 3000 SMS at PKR 650 (consumer price) for 30 days.

With such a diverse range of monthly internet packages, Zong ensures you find the perfect one to suit your needs.

NetworkPackage NameInternet, Mins, SMSValidityPrice
Monthly Social Bundle12 GB social data, 250 Zong minutes, 50 offnet minutes, 250 sms30 DaysRs. 240
Monthly Supreme20 GB internet, 5000 Zong mins, 350 off-net, 5000 SMS30 DaysRs. 999
Monthly Pro Offer40 GB internet, 600 offnet mins, 10000 zong mins, 10000 sms30 DaysRs. 1249
Monthly Family Bundle40 GB internet, 10 GB whatsapp, 10 GB facebook, 600 offnet mins, 15000 zong mins, 15000 sms30 DaysRs. 2000
Monthly super offer20 GB internet, 6 GB youtube, 4 GB Whatsapp, 450 off-net mins, 5000 on-net mins, 5000 sms30 DaysRs. 1299
Monthly Super Star Offer8 GB internet, 500 off-net mins, 3000 zong mins, 3000 sms30 DaysRs. 575
Monthly 5 GB5 GB30 DaysRs. 299
Monthly 20 GB20 GB (including 10 GB 1 AM to 9 AM)30 DaysRs. 575
Monthly 40 GB40GB (20GB can be used between 1 AM to 9 AM)30 DaysRs.899
Monthly WhatsApp Offer5GB data for WhatsApp30 DaysRs. 80
Monthly Facebook Offer6GB data for Facebook30 DaysRs. 113
Monthly WhatsApp Plus Offer5GB data for WhatsApp and imo, 200 on-net minutes, and 30 off-net minutes30 DaysRs. 160
Monthly Google Duo Offer2GB data for Google Duo30 DaysRs. 10
Monthly IMO Offer2.5 GB data for IMO30 DaysRs. 80
Prepaid Internet Sim Addons – 9GB4GB & 5GB (4 am – 4 pm)30 DaysRs. 785
Prepaid Internet Sim Addons – 27 GB12GB & 15GB (4 am – 4 pm)30 DaysRs. 1250
Prepaid Internet Sim Addons – 65 GB65 GB30 DaysRs. 2100
MBB Exclusive Offer150GB30 DaysRs. 3500
Zong Super Card10 GB, 250 off-net, unlimited on-net minutes, and 3000 SMS30 DaysRs. 699

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