WhatsApp will Soon Let you Edit Sent Messages


WhatsApp is a social media platform owned by Meta, creators of Facebook. It has an exceptionally huge fanbase all over the globe.

Recently, the messaging platform had also introduced message reactions. Whatsapp is becoming convenient and user-oriented day by day.

Moreover, according to Internet sources, WhatsApp will soon let you edit sent messages. For now, only the message-deleting feature is present.

WhatsApp will Soon Let you Edit Sent Messages

Other popular platforms like Telegram and Discord do have a feature to edit sent messages. After all, Meta had to copy them someday, Hehe.

You would be able to fix typos effortlessly with the feature introduced. When you select a specific message, you would see an ‘Edit” option, in near future.

However, the development of the feature is still underway. Also, we don’t know the time limit yet. Maybe it will have a limit like the delete message function, or maybe it won’t.

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