PTA Warns Telcos Against Cellular Loadshedding


Pakistan is a place where people easily get away with breaking the law. However quite shockingly, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has given a strict warning this time.

Mobile phone operators have been reminded that they cannot shut down their services, even if it’s for a minute. Unlike utility companies like Wapda, service providers fall under different contracts.

All mobile operators fall under the regulations and conditions of the PTA. According to the contracts, in case they fail to provide 24/7 services, PTA reserves the right to fine and take attention against those involved.

According to initial reports, cellular companies had warned against cellular power outages, due to a massive increase in taxes for the Telecom industry.

The PTA clarified, that those reports meant something else. However it is to be noted, that PTA did not deny that cellular companies HAD plans for power outages.

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