Jazz Free Facebook Bundle Package


In the world of social media, there are many Facebook packages offered by different telecom companies at high costs. But, Jazz has brought to you the Jazz Free Facebook Package 2020 to hold your enjoyment all the time at no cost. To stay tuned and connected to your Facebook friends without spending a bit of money is absolutely a great pleasure.

So, scroll down to learn more about Jazz free Facebook Package and enjoy Facebook full day and night without any worries of balance.

Details & Information about the Bundle

This Jazz Free Facebook provides the MBs to use daily for 24 hours. Here, you’ll get unlimited MBs but you’ll be allowed to use these MBs for FACEBOOK only. You only need to have 0.01/= balance in your account to get this package. This Jazz Internet Package expiry date is one month after which you can’t avail of this offer again but can go for other bundles for sure.

How to subscribe?

You don’t need to dial any code for its subscription, just open your Facebook App and flick the toggle that is shown at the top of the Facebook feed. When you click free mode it will automatically take you to the free mode of Facebook. But, you can switch between the data mode and free mode at any time easily.

Do you excited to subscribe to the reasonable Jazz Internet Bundle for browsing?

Start increasing your excitement level by subscribing to the Jazz Daily Browser Bundle Package that is very affordable, offering many MBs.

Key Features of the Bundle

Data VolumeUnlimited
Validity30 Days

To get the Jazz Free Facebook Package, go to the free mode by a single click without any charges. If you don’t want to use this, then by clicking on the same button above, you can switch from free mode to data mode. In case of any difficulty, you can go for Jazz Helpline 111, go to the Jazz Franchise or take help from its official website too.


  • You will get a bundle of unlimited internet MBs.
  • These MBs are usable for only Facebook.
  • This bundle is only valid for 24 hours every day for a month.
  • You can avail of this jazz free internet packages by clicking one on the free mode located at the top of the Facebook feed.
  • You should have a balance of approximately 0.01/= in your account to get this Jazz Internet free Facebook Bundle.

How to avoid deduction of balance while using free Facebook in Android?

  • Close the other apps that use data to run.
  • Sync off the background data by the following instructions below:
  • Go to the “Settings”.
  • Select the option of “Wireless & Networks”.
  • Select “Data Usage”.
  • Go to the “menu icon”.
  • Check to the “Restrict Background data option”.
  • Uncheck the “Auto-sync data”.

Are you finding affordable and big Jazz Internet Package?

Those people who want to have 24 hours data package in their smartphone that contains a huge collection of internet data then Jazz Daily Data Bundle (Peak-Off-Peak) is going to fulfill their demands for sure.


This article is only for general information in which we’ve provided the details of the Warid Jazz Free Facebook Package. All the tax information and price included in this article are given according to the present time. Jazz brings new updates from time-to-time due to which tax and price information given in our article can be wrong.

To save yourself from any difficulty, you can go to your nearer Jazz Franchise or can contact the Jazz official website.

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