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Telenor Easycard – Most Pocket Friendly

Overview Of Telenor EasyCard

Telenor EasyCard is a prepaid card that can be used for a variety of purposes, such as online shopping, bill payments, and mobile top-ups. The card is available in two denominations: Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000. To use the card, simply scratch off the silver panel to reveal the 16-digit PIN code and enter this code when prompted during a purchase or transaction.

The value of the card will be deducted from the total amount due. The card can be used until the balance is exhausted or the expiration date (one year from the date of activation) is reached.EasyCard can be purchased from select Telenor outlets or authorized dealers across Pakistan. For more information, please visit Telenor Website.

Details Of The 500 and 1000 Rupees Easycard

Telenor Pakistan has recently introduced two Easycards for its customers – the 500 and 1000 Rupees Telenor Easycards. These cards come with a wide range of benefits and offer great value for money. For starters, both cards offer free on-net minutes, SMS and MBs. In addition, the 500 Rupees Telenor Easycard also offers 2GB of internet data, while the 1000 Rupees Telenor Easycard offers 5GB of data.

Both cards also come with a free subscription to WhatsApp. However, the main difference between the two cards is the price – the 500 Rupees Telenor Easycard costs Rs. 500, while the 1000 Rupees Telenor Easycard costs Rs. 1000. As such, it is up to the customer to decide which card best suits their needs and budget.

Package Information About Both Telenor Cards

Telenor subscribers can choose between two different types of EasyCards – EasyCard 500 and EasyCard 1500. EasyCard 500 provides 500 minutes of talk time, 500 SMS, and 5GB of internet data, while EasyCard 1500 offers 1500 minutes of talk time, 1500 SMS, and 15GB of internet data. T

here is also an additional “night and weekend” option for both cards, which offers unlimited talk time and internet data during off-peak hours. Telenor customers can purchase an EasyCard from any participating retailer, or online through the Telenor website.

How to use your Telenor EasyCard for making calls, SMS, and internet surfing

Telenor’s EasyCard is a prepaid card that offers customers a convenient way to pay for their Telenor services.To use the card, customers simply scratch off the silver panel on the back of the card to reveal the PIN, and then enter this PIN when prompted by the Telenor system.

The card can be used for making calls, sending SMS, and surfing the internet. To check the balance of the card, customers can dial *444# from their Telenor mobile phone. The EasyCard is a great way to enjoy all that Telenor has to offer, without having to worry about running up a bill. So why not give it a try today?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Telenor Easycard?

Telenor Easycard is a prepaid card that offers you a convenient and easy way to top up your mobile phone credit. You can use the card to recharge your account balance or pay for goods and services.

How Do I Get A Telenor Easycard?

You can purchase a Telenor Easycard from any of our sales channels, including, Telenor franchise, and selected retailers. You can also create an account on the Telenor Pakistan website and recharge your account balance using your debit or credit card.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Telenor Easycard?

There are many benefits of using a Telenor Easycard, including:

-Avoiding the hassle of carrying cash

-Easy and convenient way to top up your mobile phone credit

-Can be used to pay for goods and services

-Can be reloaded with different denominations

-Security features to prevent fraud and unauthorized use.

Why Is Telenor Easycard Better Than Other Packages

Telenor easycard is one of the most popular prepaid cards on the market. It offers a variety of benefits that make it a great choice for both new and experienced users. For starters, Telenor easycard comes with a very simple pricing structure.

There are no hidden fees or surcharges, so you always know exactly how much you’re spending. In addition, Telenor easycard offers a wide range of features, including unlimited minutes, texts, and data. You can also use your card to make international calls at very competitive rates.

Finally, Telenor easycard is very easy to use. The process is quick and straightforward, and there’s no need to enter any personal information when you sign up. As a result, Telenor easycard is an ideal choice for anyone who wants a prepaid card that is both convenient and affordable.


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